Ember Boyle, Happy Bird Poultry Farm

 "Cynthia created a  business plan for Happy Bird Poultry Farm that communicated our hopes and dreams for our business and it helped us to secure financing to make our dreams a reality." 

Jennifer Botzojorns, CNSU & Kingdom East School District Superintendent

 "Cynthia has provided exceptional leadership and organizational input as a board member for our school district.  From envisioning a future and scheduling board meetings and preparing documents for marketing she helps motivate all involved and produces results.  Cynthia is a kind and generous individual who understands the struggles, foibles, joys and aspirations of all members of our educational community.  I highly recommend her for any organizational work."

Fr. Daniel Miller, MA, MBA

 “As an indicator of her caring nature, Cynthia used an interactive SWOT analysis exercise with my parishioners to yield a sound strategy moving forward for my Mission, pro bono. In my time serving with her on the board for Sid’s Pantry, she has repeatedly demonstrated that she has a heart for improving her community through obtaining grant funding and expanding the service area. Her vision is concise, practical,  and astute. Northeast Kingdom is lucky to have her.”

Lindsey Perry, Prints by Z

 “Cynthia took the time to listen and understand my needs.  She then connected me to resources that made my dream of starting a business become a reality.”  

Andrew Lederer, York County Community Action Corp.

" Cynthia's enthusiasm, attention to detail and willingness to share information, has allowed me to look at developing new professional development opportunities through Webinar instruction and developing in house training programs. Always approachable and willing to go the extra mile, she is an excellent resource that looks to empower others as they develop."

Ingrid White, Superintendent of Banks, State of Ohio

" Cynthia is an enthusiastic leader and forward thinker. I loved collaborating with her to solve banking and regulatory issues in the New England region."